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Stud Book & Non-Thoroughbred Register

The Weatherbys General Stud Book and Non-Thoroughbred Register

Stud Book & Non-Thoroughbred Register

The General Stud Book and Non-Thoroughbred Register

The General Stud Book for Thoroughbreds was first published in 1791, by James Weatherby, and has been maintained and published by us ever since. Frequently referred to as the “mother stud book”, it has been the model for horse registers around the world.
You can read more of the history of the General Stud Book (GSB) on its own dedicated page here

General Stud Book Purchasing Information

The General Stud Book is published every four years and Volume 48 is the most recently published volume. 

To order please download a GSB Order Form here.

Alternatively, click here to order online from the Bettrends shop. 
Previous volumes are also available. Please email Di Harvey or call +44 (0)1933 440077 if you are interested.


Not For Profit

The Weatherbys General Stud Book has operated as a Not for Profit organisation since 2003. Any profits generated by either Weatherbys GSB Ltd or Weatherbys Ireland GSB Ltd are reinvested into the breeding industry to the direct benefit of all breeders.


Fact Book

Since 2008 Weatherbys has produced an annual publication showing key Thoroughbred breeding statistics. Examples are available below:
Fact Book Example 1 (PDF)
Fact Book Example 2 (PDF) 

We have produced a number of guides to help you navigate the registration processes:

  1. Conditions of Entry to the General Stud Book (PDF) 

  2. Conditions of Entry to the Non-Thoroughbred Register (PDF)

  3. GB Stud Book Fees 2018 (PDF)

  4. Irish Stud Book Fees 2018 (PDF)

  5. Data Protection Act Statement (PDF)

  6. Complaints - Appeal Procedure (PDF)

In addition, you might be interested in the Return of Mares Supplement 2016 GSB Statistics (PDF)