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Statistical Services

Data-driven services that build racecourse relationships with owners and trainers

Statistical Services

Data-driven services that build racecourse relationships with owners and trainers

Improving the experience owners and trainers receive is high on the agenda for all racecourses. However, without knowing exactly who, and how often, they are visiting a certain venue, the task becomes much harder. 

You may want to look after those loyal owners and trainers who visit your course on a regular basis, or simply communicate with anyone who has sent a runner to your track. This is where Weatherbys can help. We have developed software that enables us to provide you with priceless data, allowing you to gain a thorough understanding of who is actually running horses at your racecourse.

Evaluation Reports

Our Evaluation Reports provide the most detailed statistics available, and continue to be extremely popular with many racecourses. 

We can produce a report which is broken down into three sections: Trainers; Owners; and Horses. You have complete control of the date range covered in the report. For example, you may want data for the entire season or for a full calendar year. The decision is yours.

The first of three reports provides a race-by-race breakdown of the runners in chronological order by Race ID, Animal, Saddle Cloth Number, Position, Prize money, Owner, Trainer and Jockey. 

The second and third reports provide details about the owners and trainers. They include information such as how many runners they have had, the number of winners and placed horses, and the amount of prize money won.
All three reports are supplied in Excel format, so that the data to be sorted quickly and easily. Alternatively, we are able to provide a printed and bound report. 

What you choose to do with this data is then entirely up to you. From our experience, it has frequently been used to thank the owners and trainers for their support. Alternatively, some racecourses identify their most loyal connections and provide them with a designated car parking space for the following season.

Should you wish to contact the owners and trainers featured in your Evaluation Report, Weatherbys can help you with this too. For data protection and privacy reasons, we cannot give you their personal information, but we can certainly send them a letter on your behalf.

To request a Weatherbys Evaluation Report, or to discuss your requirements, please email Karen Osborne or call on +44 (0)1933 440077.

Frequent Runner Scheme

Our Frequent Runner Scheme works on a similar principle to our Evaluation Reports, in that they help you identify your loyal supporters.

Once a month, we will send you a full list of all owners and trainers which have met specific criteria. For example, an owner who has had at least one runner at every other meeting. 

This helps you identify your most loyal connections, and gives you the opportunity to act on this information in a timely manner. Perhaps, by providing them with a complimentary lunch on their next visit.

Whatever you choose to do, our Frequent Runner Scheme reports provide you with the essential data to help focus your attention on your most loyal connections. 

For more information, please email Karen Osborne or call on +44 (0)1933 440077.