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The Point-to-Point Racing Company has launched a new Online Entries website

Point-to-Point Online Entries have arrived

Tue, 15 November 2011

The Point-to-Point Racing Company is delighted to announce the launch of their new Online Entries website pointtopointentries.co.uk.

The new website will allow Owners to enter Point-to-Point meetings for which The Point-to-Point Racing Company is Receiver of entries. A unique username and password will be issued with the first Hunter Certificate registered by an Owner for the season, which is printed on the letter of confirmation sent by Weatherbys’ Racing Administration. Owners log into the site using these details, which can be amended once signed in, and are now ready to make an entry!

Quick, Simple, Secure
Making Point-to-Point entries using our new website is quick, simple and secure. Simply choose your meeting, select a race, then pick your horse, colours, rider (if known) and address for car park passes. Multiple entries? No problem – one click and you’re back to the meeting menu, ready to start the process again. Once all entries are made, whether for one horse or three, two races or ten, payment can be made for all in one either by Weatherbys account or using your credit/debit card via our Sagepay system.

Here at The Point-to-Point Racing Company we know time is precious. Online entries can help make the most of yours by allowing Keepers to make Point-to-Point entries on an Owner’s behalf. The 2011/12 Hunter Certificate form gives Owners the option to grant Authority to Act to the Keeper of their horse. This not only allows your Keeper to make online and telephone entries, but also removes the need for the Owners’ Delegation of Authority form on racedays. A list of Keepers and the horses for which they have Authority to Act will be sent to Point-to-Point secretaries on the week of their meeting.

Keepers who have been granted Authority to Act will receive their own username and password for pointtopointentries.co.uk. Once logged in, they will be able to make Point-to-Point entries for all horses which they have been designated Authority to Act.

Going Live!
Our new website pointtopointentries.co.uk will be live from 5pm on Friday 18thNovember. If you would like any further information regarding Online Entries, please do not hesitate to call the office on 01933 304795.