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The National: Where they finished

Sat, 14 April 2012

1st NEPTUNE COLLONGES (33-1), 2nd Sunnyhillboy (16-1), 3rd Seabass (8-1 joint-favourite), 4th Cappa Bleu (16-1)

5th In Compliance, 6th Ballabriggs, 7th Hello Bud, 8th Tharawaat, 9th Shakalakaboomboom, 10th Swing Bill

11th The Midnight Club, 12th Planet Of Sound, 13th Neptune Equester, 14th Calgary Bay, 15th Midnight Haze.

Fence 1: Viking Blond (fell), Fence 2: West End Rocker (fell), Junior (fell), Fence 5: State Of Play (unseated), Rare Bob (brought down), Chicago Grey (brought down), Fence 6: Synchronised (fell)

Fence 7: Alfa Beat (fell), Fence 8: Black Apalachi (fell), Organisedconfusion (unseated), Becauseicouldntsee (unseated), Tatenen (unseated), Killyglen (unseated), Fence 10: Treacle (fell), Arbor Supreme (unseated)

Fence 11: Giles Cross (pulled up), Fence 15: Always Right (unseated), Fence 17: Quiscover Fontaine (fell), Fence 19: Deep Purple (pulled up), Vic Venturi (refused)

Fence 21: fence omitted, Fence 22: On His Own (fell), According To Pete (brought down), Mon Mome (pulled up), Postmaster (pulled up), Fence 27: Weird Al (fell)