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Race Promotions

In the current economic climate owners and trainers are being much more selective over where they run their horses and a direct race promotion is the most effective way of promoting high profile races and meetings.

The first option is to place an advert in the Racing Calendar. With a circulation of around 1,600, including trainers and owners, it is an ideal way of ensuring that a race or meeting gets the exposure it deserves. Prices range from £160 for a quarter page spot colour advert to £600 for a full colour inside front cover. The front cover advertising space of the Racing Calendar is often pre-booked months in advance so should you wish to advertise here you should contact us immediately so that we can reserve it for you.

A Direct Mail Promotion is a very good addition or alternative to an advert in the Racing Calendar. Weatherbys maintains a prestigious database of all owners and trainers on behalf of the British Horseracing Authority (BHA). This comprehensive list can be sub-divided in a number of ways to ensure that your material reaches its target market. Specialist software allows us to pinpoint the names and addresses of the owners and trainers of horses which are specifically qualified for a race; meaning that not only does your letter or postcard reach the people that matter but it also cuts down on the cost. Prices start at 59p per address plus postage.

With a comprehensive list of email addresses for all trainers in the UK, we are also able to promote your feature races or meetings by way of an Email Promotion. With trainers’ time usually at a premium, a strategically sent email can often be a good way of reaching them. With most now having internet ready mobile telephones they will receive your message not only in the office but anywhere around the country. If required, we can also include the top Irish and French trainers. Prices start at £100 for a plain text email with prices for more intricate messages available on request.

For further details on any of the above please contact Karen Osborne or call 01933 440077.

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