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Messaging Service

The Messaging Service was designed by Weatherbys to ensure that owners are always up to date with information about their horses. Sent directly from us to a designated email address or mobile telephone number, owners can opt to receive information about entries, declarations, eliminations, going changes, inspections, reoffered races, re-opened races, race time changes and updated handicap ratings. We also advise abandonment’s free of charge.

Contacting owners in order to keep them up to date can be a time consuming affair. The Messaging Service removes that element from your day-to-day affairs, freeing valuable time. With the cost per message starting from as little as 20p many trainers are paying for their owners to subscribe to the service.

Philip Hobbs is one notable name that utilises the service for his owners and he has endorsed it by saying:

“I find Weatherbys Messaging Service very useful indeed. It is definitely a help in communicating fully with my owners.”

Another regular user, Mark Johnston, describes the service as:

“Absolutely excellent. A first class service.”

For further details, or to subscribe to the Weatherbys Messaging Service, please contact Karen Osborne or call 01933 440077.

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