Bloodstock Publications

The beauty and the history, the facts and the figures. All in print

Bloodstock Publications

Publications that build knowledge and keep you up-to-date.

We produce a wide range of publications of interest to racehorse owners, breeders and enthusiasts.Together, they create an invaluable collection of reference material, statistics and information for anyone involved in the sport, whether professionally or just as an enthusiast.

Our publications help you:

  •  Research stallions to decide on matings for your mares anywhere in the world
  •  Analyse sales returns and compare stallions' sales and covering statistics
  •  Appraise stud records of stallions or mares for the current season

Stallion Book

The premier reference book of worldwide stallions standing in 8 different countries. The 2020 edition contains 392 stallions across both the flat and National Hunt books. 

You can also view many of the Stallions from the book at no cost on the Stallion Book website, or by visiting the National Hunt stallions website.

Now available to download is the Global Stallions App. Developed by BloodHorse and Weatherbys this free app provides the most extensive mobile information on thoroughbred stallions throughout the world. Android and iPhone versions available, go to to find out more.


Return of Mares

Contains full details by sire of the British and Irish foaling and covering season for thoroughbred and non-thoroughbred mares - Priced at £64 (includes postage and packing). 

Return of Mares Supplement

This supplement contains the foalings registered since the cut-off date of September 30th for the main publication. Everyone who receives the main title also receives a copy of this supplement free of charge, together with the Weatherbys General Stud Book Fact Book (available from the Bettrends shop).


Bloodstock Sales Review

Bloodstock Sales Review (Part 1)

Contains the sales results from the current year’s yearling sales - Priced at £18  (includes postage and packing).

Bloodstock Sales Review (Part 2)

Contains the sales results for every animal sold at public auction in Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany and Italy, together with European sired yearlings and foals sold at the major auctions in North America and Japan – Priced at £48 (including p&p)

You can purchase any of these publications by visiting the Bettrends online shop - click here. Alternatively, please call Lauren Beetson on +44 (0)1933 440077.


Advertising in our publications

Bookmarks can be carried in any of the titles. Prices will depend on several factors; size, whether attached or loose and if they are supplied ready for insertion rather than being printed by Weatherbys.


  •  Pre-Printed leaflets can be inserted with any of the above titles. Rates will depend upon the weight of material to be inserted.
  •  Generous discounts can be negotiated for a series of advertisements, if booked in advance.

To discuss your advertising requirements in any of our publications, please email Liam Harris or call him on +44 (0)1933 440077.