Bloodstock Publications

Publications that build knowledge and keep you up-to-date.

Bloodstock Publications

Publications that build knowledge and keep you up-to-date.

The Stallion Book

The Weatherbys Stallion Book is famed as the leading stallion publication across the industry.

  • Includes over 370 stallions
  • Entries from 4 continents
  • Separate Flat & National Hunt publications

Annually our pedigree experts compile the pages of each stallion in great depth, placed alongside stallion images and advertisements. This provides any breeder or enthusiast a one-stop-shop to interpreting the pedigree, success and calibre of a stallion. Whether it is used for assisting with mating plans, sales research or keeping up-to-date with the industry, this is the Book you need.

Return of Mares

You should not confirm any mating plans or sales research without reading the Return Of Mares. Hence why, each year, it is a necessity for breeders & bloodstock enthusiasts.

Published in October, the Return Of Mares is an in-depth analysis of the returns and current season coverings for each mare registered in the UK & Ireland that year. It also holds vital statistics on the breakdown of foal and broodmare numbers.

The publication comes into it’s own when providing the ability to gauge the quality and quantity of each book of mares a stallion has covered. Therefore, giving you the best opportunity to choose a sire to breed to or buy their stock with the best chance of success.
When purchasing a Return Of Mares you will also receive a smaller supplement to the publication with any later registrations, free of charge. This ensures you have all the information needed when making those important decisions.
The Return Of Mares publications are available on the Weatherbys Shop for £69 -

Bloodstock Sales Reviews

Bloodstock Sales Review (Part 1)

The Bloodstock Sales Review (Part 1) looks back at the yearling sales and provides you with an in-depth guide to those events.
The publication, published around the end of October, lays out all the details on yearlings sold at public auction in Europe and those by European based sires sold at major auctions in North America & Japan.
A much-needed guide ahead of the breeding stock sales and the covering season, supporting you in valuating and finding value moving forward.
The Bloodstock Sales Review (Part 1) is available on the Weatherbys Shop for £19 -

The Bloodstock Sales Review

The Annual Bloodstock Sales Review, effectively Part 2, is published in January each year. It is the complete analysis to European Bloodstock Sales.
The publication offers a review of the sales of foals, yearlings and older horses, as well as covering progeny foaled in Europe or by European based sires at major North American auctions.
It is a must have for anyone looking to understand all the highs and lows of the sales ring that year, giving you a head start with any mating plans or industry understanding.
The Bloodstock Sales Review is available on the Weatherbys Shop for £50 -
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