Great Britain:
Passports & Ownership

Passports for horses in Great Britain

Great Britain:
Passports & Ownership

FOR HORSES BASED IN GREAT BRITAIN. Applying for a passport, registering a change of ownership, duplicate passports and notifications

Horse Passport Legislation 

The current legislation relating to horse passports means it is a legal requirement for equidae in Great Britain to be issued with a passport by an authorised Passport Issuing Organisation.  


Click here to view the legal requirements for horse owners.

It is against the law to sell a horse without a passport.

Weatherbys is a DEFRA-approved Passport Issuing Organisation for all equines. We have been doing this to meet EU requirements since 2004 

It is also a legal requirement to register ownership with the Passport Issuing Organisation within 30 days of acquiring a horse. This also applies for Thoroughbred and Non-Thoroughbred Register horses which are not subject to an ownership record for racing or breeding.

For further information on Passports for racing and breeding animals, please refer to the Great Britain: Registrations page.

Change of Ownership

The Horse Passport (England) Regulations require a change of ownership to be registered with the relevant Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) within 30 days of acquiring a horse.  A non-racing, non-breeding ownership will be required for all horses not actively racing or breeding for a period of 30 days or longer (including pre-training, retired animals and mares whose progeny will not be registered with Weatherbys).

Online Registrations are now available at

Alternatively, please download, complete and return the form below, together with the horse’s passport and the indicated fee.

Non-Racing/Non-Breeding Change of Ownership Form (PDF) for horses registered in the General Stud Book or Non Thoroughbred Register.

We guarantee to process correctly completed applications using the fast-track service within 2 working days of receipt.

Duplicate Passports

If the original passport has been lost, owners are required to apply for a duplicate.

In order to apply for a duplicate passport please download, complete and return the form below with a set of veterinary markings (including the scanned microchip number if present), plus the relevant fee. 

For horses registered in the General Stud Book or Non Thoroughbred Register:
Duplicate Passport Application Form (PDF) 
Age & Markings Form (PDF)

Notification of Deceased Equines

It is an EU requirement to advise the relevant Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) when your horse dies, within 30 days, and return the passport to them. The passport will be recorded as "void". 

If you wish the passport to be returned to you, please indicate this in an accompanying letter, including your full postal return details. Please note that the date of death will need to be provided.  

Weatherbys' passports for horses that are deceased should be returned to: Weatherbys Stud Book Dept, Sanders Road, Wellingborough, Northants NN8 4BX. There is no charge for this service.