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Great Britain: Registrations

How to register a horse in Great Britain

Great Britain: Registrations

How to register a horse in Great Britain

Horse Passport Legislation 

The current legislation relating to horse passports means it is a legal requirement for equidae in Great Britain to be issued with a passport by an authorised Passport Issuing Organisation.  


Please note that the Horse Passport Regulations 2015 are actively enforced by Trading Standards

Click here to view the legal requirements for horse owners.

Click here to view the Passport Validation Check and Update form

Stallion registration

Initial Stallion Registration

Before covering certificates can be issued for a stallion, an Initial Stallion Registration form needs to be submitted with the stallion’s passport and indicated fee. A DNA sample will be required before the registration can be completed. Annual Stallion Registration forms are sent out for all registered stallions at the beginning of each year.

 - Initial Stallion Registration Form (PDF)

Annual Stallion Registration

Covering certificates may be applied for by completing and returning the Annual Stallion Registration form with the relevant fee. The form requests the covering fee and number of certificates required.  For all stallion queries please email Sarah Sargent or call +44 (0)1933 440077.

Internet Covering Service

Coverings may be recorded online and lodged electronically by using the Internet Covering Service. If this service is chosen, login details will be provided once the form has been returned with the relevant fee.

Change of Ownership

To change the ownership of a registered stallion, please download, complete and return the form below with the stallion’s passport and the indicated fee.

 - Stallion Change of Ownership (PDF)

 Useful Links

 - Internet Covering Service
 - Stallion Book Online


Broodmare registration

A foal can only be registered in the General Stud Book or Non-Thoroughbred Register, if the sire and dam have first been registered as breeding animals with Weatherbys. Once a broodmare has been registered, a foal registration form will automatically be sent out each year to the owner of the mare.

If you would like to register a broodmare, please download, complete and return the form below with the mare’s passport and the indicated fee.
 - Broodmare Registration Form (PDF)

Requirements for Broodmare Registration

DNA Sample - A DNA Sampling kit will be sent upon receipt of an application form if a DNA type is not already held. A sample will only normally be required for mares which are not microchipped or were born before 1996. 

Correctly Endorsed Passport for Imported Mares - all mares who have travelled to Great Britain or Ireland from another country will need their passport to be endorsed by the relevant Stud Book Authority. 

For more details on Imports and Exports please visit this dedicated page.

Registering a Mare Not Previously Registered with Weatherbys in the Non-Thoroughbred Register

If you would like to register a mare as a foundation broodmare in the NTR, please email John Sharp or call +44 (0)1933 440077.

Broodmare Change of Ownership

If you acquire a mare that has already been registered as a broodmare, and wish to continue breeding to Weatherbys registered stallions, please download, complete and return the form below with the mare’s passport and the indicated fee.
Broodmare Change of Ownership Form (PDF)

If you have acquired a registered broodmare but do not wish to continue breeding, or do not intend to register progeny with Weatherbys, please go to Change of Ownership section.

Notification of Dead, Sold or Retired Broodmares

If you have received a foal registration form you may notify Weatherbys if a mare has died, been sold or has retired via the Internet Foal Service. It is an EU requirement that you advise Weatherbys when your broodmare dies, within 30 days, and return the passport to us. The passport will be recorded as "Void". You may also register a live foal or record a negative result using this service.

Broodmare notifications can also be made via email to John Sharp. 

Foal registration

Before you can register a foal, ensure your mare is correctly registered as a broodmare. Please see the Broodmares section above for more information. 

A Weatherbys covering certificate will also need to be obtained from the stallion owner, unless it is lodged electronically.

Once you have received your Foal registration form (usually in March or April each year) from us, you can either complete and return it to Weatherbys with the indicated fee and covering certificate, or use the Internet Foal Service to register your foal online. A discount will apply for online foal registrations completed before 31st July each year.
The BHA Equine Anti-Doping Rules state that all horses born in Great Britain from 2015 onwards must be registered with Weatherbys within 12 months of birth. This will be reduced to 6 months in 2 years time. If the horse is not registered within this timeframe then it can never race in Great Britain.  

See the British Horseracing Authority's information on registration rules by clicking here.

Anyone who has a horse that is not yet registered but will shortly exceed the specified 12 month time frame should contact in advance of this period expiring

DNA Sampling and Microchipping

Once born, a foal should be DNA sampled and microchipped within four weeks. Sampling kits and microchips are sent directly to vets each year. Please contact your vet to make an appointment.

Registration Deadlines

The initial foal registration deadline is 31st July within the year of birth. Any applications received after this date will be charged at a higher rate. For full details on Foal Registration fees please see the GB Stud Book Fees 2017 (PDF).

For a complete list of key dates and foal registration guide please see the List of Key Dates (PDF).

Late Returns

If you would like to register a horse outside its year of foaling, please email Sam Wallace or call +44 (0)1933 440077.

Additional information is provided in these guides:
 - Veterinary Instructions (PDF)
 - DNA Sampling Instructions & Form (PDF)
 - Identification of Horses Booklet (PDF)

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