News Galloping ahead with Weatherbys

Galloping ahead with Weatherbys

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Everyone knows Weatherbys maintain the British and Irish stud books but did you know they also offer a banking service, writes Olivia Hamilton in the Irish Field.

Weatherbys – a household name in the racing and bloodstock industry. Simply mention Weatherbys and connotations of historic legacies dating back many years (246 to be exact), leather bound chronicles of thoroughbred pedigrees and a vast database of all things horsey come to mind. James Weatherby was appointed as Secretary to the Jockey Club in 1770 and since then the Weatherby name has been and continues to be synonymous with horse racing and breeding.

Tasked with managing its races, operating its rules and running the club’s business, James proved to be an able administrator and entrepreneur, quickly appreciating the market demand for authentic information on racing and breeding. By James’s death in 1794, Weatherbys’ four core businesses for the next 200 years were in place; an administration for the Turf Authority of the day; the Racing Calendar; a financial agency and The General Stud Book.

Today, Weatherbys remains at the heart of the industry, administering British racing under contract from the governing British Horseracing Authority, registering all thoroughbred horses in Britain and Ireland within The General Stud Book and providing a host of services to racecourses, owners, trainers, breeders and enthusiasts.

The continuity of the Weatherby family’s involvement, unbroken over more than two centuries from the original founder to the present chairman, is one of the firm’s most singular features.

Although many readers of The Irish Field may be familiar with Weatherbys for their foal, mare or stallion registrations, passport requirements or other equine-related needs, they may not be aware that Weatherbys also have a fully fledged banking service in the form of a racing and private bank which is one of only two family-owned private banks in Britain.

In fact, they have a significant number of Irish clients, including many of the country’s stud farms, with the common denominator for choosing to bank with Weatherbys being their exceptional professional and attentive personal service.

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