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Weatherbys services for racehorse trainers

The Licensed or Permit trainer’s role is a critical one. The fitness of the horses that compete in the races is their responsibility, and great sport demands competitors be in their best condition. But, there is more to your job of being a trainer than simply training the horses, though that is already hard enough. 

Alongside management of the horses, is the management of the yard and employees, plus, building and maintaining the all-important relationships with the owners.

Weatherbys offers supporting services for all three areas of your business. 


Horses in Training

Whenever a horse moves in or out of training or changes yards, the trainer must notify us, in order for the records to be updated.

You can access the 'Horses In Training' database via the online site. This allows you to put horses into training, as well as removing them when they move yards, or are retired from training.

Sometimes an owner or you, as the trainer, may feel that a horse is no longer suited to racing. There is the option to register a Non-Racing Agreement as a safeguard once a new home has been found. The registration is carried out online on the Racing Administration website:

Messaging Service

We designed the Messaging Service to ensure that owners can always be kept in touch with the latest information about their horses. 
Sent directly by us to a designated email address, or mobile telephone number, owners are offered a range of choices about the information they receive:

  •  entries 
  •  declarations 
  •  eliminations 
  •  going changes 
  •  inspections 
  •  re-offered races 
  •  re-opened races 
  •  race time changes
  •  updated handicap ratings

Meeting abandonment messages are provided free of charge.

In the run up to races, contacting owners as information is updated can be time-consuming, and a distraction from focusing on horse preparation. But, it is an important part of the owner’s experience, and keeping in touch is a valuable part of your relationship.

The Weatherbys Messaging Service takes care of that for you, freeing valuable time. With the cost per message starting from as little as 20p, many trainers are paying for their owners to subscribe to the service.

Philip Hobbs is one notable name that utilises the service for his owners and he has endorsed it by saying, "I find Weatherbys Messaging Service very useful indeed. It is definitely a help in communicating fully with my owners." 

Similarly, another regular user, Mark Johnston, describes it as “Absolutely excellent. A first class service.”

For further details, or to subscribe to the Weatherbys Messaging Service, please call +44 (0)1933 440077.


BHA Publications

Weatherbys also supplies a number of prestigious BHA publications . 

Published three times a year, the Programme Book contains all British race conditions. Each of the three volumes relate to racing four months ahead of the publishing date and is therefore invaluable for planning ahead for both owner and trainer. Volume 1 covers racing during January, February, March and April, Volume 2 April, May, June, July and August and Volume 3, September, October, November and December.

The Racing Calendar is published fortnightly, and contains the very latest amendments to race conditions and sponsors’ details. Each edition contains all race conditions for the following three and four weeks of racing.

All Group and Listed races to be run on the Flat in Europe during a calendar year are contained in The European Pattern Book. This invaluable guide helps owners and trainers plan a campaign for a horse with knowledge and precision.

You can place an order for any of the above publications by clicking on the links above, or call the Commercial Services team on +44 (0)1933 440077 for more information.

Stable Employees

The administration of the Stable Employees Register is conducted by Weatherbys, on behalf of the BHA.

A stable employee requires a Racecourse Attendant Pass before they can accompany a horse to the races, both of which can be obtained from us. As well as issuing these passes, we add and delete staff from the register as employees come and go from the yard.

For further information, please email the Racing Services department or call  +44 (0)1933 440077.

Insurance Scheme Administration

It pays to think of the future. The Racing Industry Accident Benefit Scheme (RIABS) provides weekly benefits to eligible persons working within the Racing Industry who are unlucky enough to be absent from work following an accidental injury occurring in the workplace.

The purpose of the scheme is to top up statutory benefits to the claimant’s pre-accident net wage, subject to a maximum of £300 (weekly benefit) and/or to provide a capital lump sum in the event of serious injury or death (capital benefit).

The Racing Finance Team administers RIABS on behalf of the National Trainers Federation for those eligible employees of licensed and permit trainers.

A quarterly schedule is sent to trainers listing their eligible employees, enabling them to update their registers. Employer contributions are deducted from the trainers’ accounts accordingly.

For more information please email the Racing Finance Team, or call +44 (0)1933 440077