News How Weatherbys became a private bank challenger

How Weatherbys became a private bank challenger

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Since Adrian Crichton, head of private banking at Weatherbys, appeared on the cover of Wealth Manager, he says the firm has transformed from a traditional private bank into a challenger, writes Jonathan Yarker in today’s Wealth Manager.

Six years on from that 2010 interview, Weatherbys went on to be a big beneficiary of the financial crisis.

‘If you think back six years we were still very much in the shadow of the credit crunch and a lot of banks did not have money to lend,’ recalled Crichton (pictured left). ‘We took on business back then just because others could not lend.’

More broadly, Crichton says the banking industry has strengthened and is now a more diverse sector. He said: ‘A big change is clients now have more choice. The emerging banks, which I would not call challenger banks, are more numerous and active. We would count ourselves among them.’

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