The revolutionary Weatherbys ePassport brings animal identity documents into the digital world.

The Weatherbys ePassport captures data from a microchip, including temperature, weight and GPS location. Our app-based platform is now in use by over 5,000 breeders and enables 24/7 animal management and traceability.

The intuitive interface includes full identity integrity, complete health records, ownership & change of ownership and all national and cross-border movements.

The key functions and uses of the ePassport are:

Identification: The ePassport allows breeders and animal owners to keep thorough records on the identity of their animals, ensuring that each animal can be easily identified at any time.

Vaccinations and Medical Records: The ePassport provides a complete record of a horse's vaccinations and medical history, keeping track of any necessary treatments or procedures.

Movement: With the GPS location data captured by the ePassport, breeders and animal owners can easily track the movements of their animals, ensuring their safety and security.

Ownership: The ePassport also includes records of ownership and change of ownership, making it easy for breeders and owners to keep track of their animals' ownership history.